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  • Hi, I'm (or I was) new to Microsoft Azure, I created an account to use the Text to Speech API (which itself was a pain as the site wouldn't accept any of my credit cards), read the documentation and successfully implemented a TTS tool.

    Fail One, Pt. 1: "Your Azure subscription has been disabled"

    Then just a few hours later I received the following notice by email:

    To protect the security and privacy of your account, we perform routine audits of all Azure subscriptions. During one of these audits, we identified suspicious activity in your subscription that violates the Microsoft Acceptable Use Policy. We’ve disabled your subscription until the issue can be resolved.

    If you believe this is an error, please contact Azure support.

    I did click Azure support link, which walked me to a screen with two broken links:

    • Please take a look at your contact information here [LINK], and update anything that might be incorrect
    • Please take a look at your billing information here [LINK], and update anything that might be incorrect

    First link wouldn't open:


    And second one wouldn't load:


    I thought that maybe Azure didn't like Firefox, but it was same deal with Microsoft Edge.

    Fail One, Pt. 2: automated (and extremely confusing, unhelpful) response

    Anyway, after filling that support request I received a second email:


    Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, we could not verify the information you provided. Our earlier decision remains and your account will stay closed. Please understand that we keep security checks like these in place in order to protect the quality and integrity of the Azure service.

    Thank you,
    Azure Support

    I've replied to that email to no avail (no surprisingly I guess, as it doesn't seem to be any human intervention throughout the whole pipeline).

    Fail Two: "Your Azure data will be deleted"

    Because we detected a violation of our service terms on April 15, 2020, we’ll permanently delete your data on May 15, 2020. Please log in and save any important data before then.

    If you think this is in error, please contact Azure Support for assistance.

    I did contact support, again, and it was all the same drill--broken links, automated unhelpful responses.

    Fail Three: Create a support ticket

    I went on to create a support ticket [LINK], maybe this would work, right? ... right??

    These forms were even more broken than the previous ones: the only option for the Problem type I would be allow to chose was "Reserved instance requests" (for whatever that means); and when trying to see a solution or enter more details about my issue, it would ask me for more information related to that problem type I was previously forced to chose.


    Still today, I have no freaking clue about what the problem with my account was, nor what could I do to address it; and quite frankly, the whole experience feels Microsoft telling me "there's a problem, not telling what it is, screw you".

    Now I'm posting this here as a last resort, and I can't help but asking--is it me, or the entire support workflow for Azure is totally broken?

    PS: ah, and I wish I could have posted the images and links that support everything said here, but the again, Microsoft wouldn't let me:

    Body text cannot contain images or links until we are able to verify your account.

    Thursday, April 16, 2020 12:52 PM

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