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  • Hi,

    i'm a 17 year old student who has 1 year experience with the program language VB.net and asp.net
    Recently we are assigned to make an educative windows 8 app for children for the win8 tablet.

    I wanted to make a matching game.

    I want to make such a game, with 2 types of cards: The questions Ex. 5 + 3 = ?
    And another type : the awnser : Ex . 8!

    I have some questions listed below:

    • Is it possible to make it using Visual Basic
    • Wich object should i use for my cards ( Picture, label , textbox, .. ?)
    • Could anybody give me some kind of guide for windows 8 apps specific

    I think loading the cards won't be a problem. I will probably use arrays , .random and "select case"

    Thanks in advance

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  • Yes, this can be done in VB.

    Which object depends on what you actually want to show. I would start by drawing out what you want the app to look like (on paper!) and how the user would go through the app. For example, I'd draw one page with the question cards and then another which showed the results.

    Once you know how you want the design to work you can start thinking about which controls can implement that.

    You will likely end up using some sort of Panel (such as a Grid) containing Image controls and TextBlocks for the question cards. The answer could include a TextBox if the user needs to type the answer, but for younger kids Buttons with answers may be better.

    I'd start with the "Get Started" link at the top of the page and walk through the tutorials to get an idea of the sorts of things you can do. Also give the "Design" link a spin. The Developing apps (C#/C++/VB) has an overview of the controls and lot of Quickstart articles you'll find helpful.


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