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  • Hi,

    I have developed applications in VB.NET for a number of years now but I am completely new to phone app development.

    So I have created a simple app little more than a hello world program, it run fine in VS2015 when I select either 'local machine' or 'simulator' as the target, but when I connect my win10 phone (Lumia 735) it won't deploy.

    So the steps I performed  are as follows

    1: On the phone put the phone in developer mode

    2: Enable device discovery and device portal

    3: plug USB cable into phone and PC

    4: In VS I opened the properties window of the project and selected the debug tab.  In the Start options section I selected Target Device = Remove Machine and pressed the Find... button VS was able to see my phone.  Set authentication Mode to 'Universal (Unencrypted Protocol)'

    5:  then press the green arrow

    After a few seconds I am asked for the PIN to connect so I go back to the phone and press the Pair button and get a 6 character code which I enter in VS but it is not accepted.  I have tried a number of times with the same code and with generating new codes

    6: To try and bypass the problem I changed the authentication mode in VS to none and turned off the authentication option under Device Portal on the phone.

    Then it does not ask me for the PIN but the deploy always fails saying there were deployment errors but no errors are listed in VS error list.

    So can anyone tell me what I am missing to get VS to deploy onto the phone using the PIN or where I can find out what the deployment errors are when not using authentication?

    Thanks in advance


    Wednesday, September 21, 2016 1:05 PM