How do I manage my users Outlook environment using through Group Policy RRS feed

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  • Hello, I have Exchange Server 2007 and Outlook 2007 running in my domain environment. The issue is 98% of my users download their mails into the personal system i.e using personal folder .pst as a default (on data files tab). The management wants everyone to download mails using headers-only. To best of my knowledge, this can be achieved using .ost files. Please is there anyone who have any idea on how this can be achieved in this scenario I mentioned? Thanks in advance for your assistance

    My question is “What approach should I take to lock down my users to download headers only?”

    I understand the risk in users saving mails into pst files, but the challenge is that Exchange server has limited storage,  and the users have lots of important files can they do not want to delete to create space (when Exchange mailbox is full).

    The reason why we decide on Headers Only is to conserve bandwidth usage. My company operates 100s of branch office within the country and beyond. Exchange Server is located at the Head office, and all users link to the head office to access their mailboxes; thereby, it is important we conserve our bandwidth so that we can enhance performance of other core-applications. Downloading Headers-Only makes users to be able to download only any important mails and leave unimportant ones .

    If there can be a solution to resolve the issues above, then, I can apply settings to prevent adding data to existing .psts (given the existence of pst files already).

    I am currently considering the use of cache mode – unfortunately, this does not solve my storage issue.

    General description of your setup is as follows

    Presently I have 5 sites, 5000 users (still growing). I am running Microsoft Exchange Server SP2 Enterprise Edition, Each Exchange role is deployed on different servers especially Mailbox server running   on Cluster. Client machines are running Windows XP SP2 (planning to be upgraded to Windows 7 in the future), Servers are located at different locations connected using Fibre connection.  Exchange Servers are running on High-end servers, users believe every operation should be automated (i.e. they do not have knowledge of IT operations and they do not want to know). IT support team consists of Microsoft Experts

    Monday, March 21, 2011 7:53 AM