Change the background of text box based on its value RRS feed

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  • Hi , I have a silverlight application where I have an entity called "device" such that each one has multiple components. Component is another entity.

    The user enters  the price of the component in price textbox and then another text box (discounted price) would be calculated automatically (I'm already handling this through textchanged Event). I want the discountedPrice Textbox 's background to change based on the value in it. For example it become red if it is under zero.

    How can I achieve that ?

    Note : Any device may have multiple components so it will have multiple discountedPrice text boxes and device entity itself will have a total discountedPrice which should expose the same effect.

    I want to achieve this effect in Create Screen and Details Screen in addition to Search Screen. 

    Friday, January 16, 2015 6:08 PM

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