Null condition in formula not working RRS feed

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    Hello Folks, I am looking for a formula which should return me rows when SerialNum = somenumber or SerialNum IS NULL. 

    This is what i am using to achieve that(Last line is of interest here)

    {ORDR.CANCELED} <> "Y" and
    (if (InStr ({?Pm-?Project},".") < 5) then
    {RDR1.U_Project} = Mid({?Pm-?Project},1,InStr ({?Pm-?Project},";")-1)
    ({RDR1.U_Project} = Mid({?Pm-?Project},1,InStr ({?Pm-?Project},";")-1)) and
    ({RDR1.SerialNum} = Mid ({?Pm-?Project}, InStr ({?Pm-?Project},";") + 1) OR IsNull({RDR1.SerialNum})))

    There is no error in the formula but this simply doesnt return rows for which serianum is null. I am not getting why?

    Can someone see something wrong with this.

    Monday, July 1, 2013 3:20 PM