with the release of BCL [BaseClass Libraries] namespaces need to be reviewed RRS feed

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    ASP.NET really should be separated into two libraries now: System.Web [with most of the Http* types] and Microsoft.AspNet [would contain all the controls] the Yukon and WinFS teams are about to make a similar mistake [not really a mistake... just a semantics issue] of designing their classes in System.Data.SqlServer and System.Storage, which isn't really a great precedent to begin... [Yukon's should be Microsoft.SqlServer and WinFS should be Microsoft.WinFS] The issue I have with Yukon and WinFS starting with "System" is that with the "System" root it implies that it'll be available for ANY FRAMEWORK installation, which won't be the case... [obviously ASP.Net actually IS included with the framework, which was somewhat strange and which possibly could be looked at... more on this in a few paragraphs] For example, what if Oracle decided to use System.Data.OracleClient instead of their properly namespaced Oracle.OracleClient [or is it Oracle.Data.OracleClient which would be best]... and Microsoft DID do a good job with ODBC, Microsoft.Data.ODBC Anyways, I'm seeing a disturbing trend of lumping EVERYTHING into the System- rooted namespace which could potentially become another Win32 flat API of sorts... only worse with tons more types merging into the same namespaces...
    Monday, December 1, 2003 9:36 AM

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    I think it is a good point. They should really consider different namespaces for MS specific technology. - Eric McVicker
    Tuesday, December 2, 2003 5:20 PM