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  • On our new system, we are using a 1/2 VGA LED display...640(w) X 240(h).

    What I have discovered is that a number of dialog boxes are the incorrect size for the screen in that they are too large(in either portrait or landscape mode).

    So I need to begun modifying/cloning the programs that has this dialogbox size problem.

    But I am having a compile problem that I hope someone might have some ideas on.

    For example, I am modifying the DialogBox for an exiting appliction called A2dpMgr but having a major problem.(See attached screenshot below).

    I change the dimension of the diaplg box, along with moving around everything to fit but when I re-compile, VS2005 states that the A2dpMgr.rc and resource.h files are not VS2005 created files and asks to change them.

    If I answer no, then my dialogbox does not get changed.

    If I answer yes, then the resource.h files grows from 2K to 204K.

    Then when I compile, the build fails due to all the extra stuff that got dumped into the resource.h and A2dpMgr.rc files.

    Any ideas how I might prevent this from happening? Seems I need to manually edit the .rc files and try to figure out the right values to re-postion everything to make a different dialogbox size. But this is going to be real painfull since there are many dialogboxes to resize.

    How can I make VS2005 think that these files are VS2005 created files? So far all of the programs where I have tried modfying the dialogboxes sizes give me this message.


    Thursday, February 23, 2012 8:25 PM


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