win 8 app navigation between pages html


  • Hello,

    I am creating win 8 app using navigation.
    I created the project using NavigationApp and by default default.html and home.html pages are added to project.And when app executes it runs home.html page inside default.html.

    I created more pages like Page1.html, Page2.html,Page3.html and Page4.html using Page control.

    I am calling Page1.html from home.html using WinJS.Navigation.navigate() method and from this calling Page2.html using same method.and I am coming to back from Page2 to Page1.html using back button which is in default template.And from Page1html. to home.html using back button.

    Same I am calling Page3.html from home.html and from there I calling Page4.html using same method WinJS.Navigation.navigate(). But problem is when I am going back from Page4 to Page3 using back button,is not going to Page3.html,is going to Page2.html.

    How is going there I don't understand this.

    Please help me on this....


    Prashant Dikonda

    Tuesday, February 19, 2013 5:56 AM

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