How do i get meaningful exception message comming from wcf service in an orchestration? RRS feed

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      I have created an orchestration that contains a port to an existing wcf service (when i create the port i use the existing port type comming from that wcf service). Now, I´m trying to catch the exceptions comming from that service in order to be able to dump this information into a log file so I have added a scope with its corresponding Catch (that catches System.Exception exceptions). The flow is catching the exceptions, but all the information i get is the following:

      System Exception inside ForEachGroupScope: Received unexpected message type '' does not match expected type ''.
          Exception Detail: System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal

    How can i do in order to get a more meaningful message about the excpetion? I have tried to modify the orchestration port in order to add a fault to the port operation, but i´m not allowed to do that since the port is in ReadOnly mode (i think that the reason is because i have created it from an existing type coming from a wcf service)

    I have tried by setting the Body Path Expression of the wcf adapter in order to be:    /*[local-name()='Fault']/*[local-name()='Detail']/* | /*[local-name()='getRateForExportResponse' and namespace-uri()=''], as explained here : but didn´t help

    Any hint will be highly appreciated...



    Monday, March 4, 2013 3:14 PM