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  • I've got 3 computers, one running XP Media Edition, One running XP Pro and one running Vista Home.

    Before the latest 2008 versions of express and MSRS, I wrote personal utility programs using C# and VB 2005.

    The 2005 versions use .Net Framework 2.x.and all my computers run my utilities without a problem.


    My XP Pro computer is my development computer, so I want to join the RoboChamp movement but am faced with "upgrading" (2008 stuff) my XP Pro machine to do so.


    I'm concerned such an upgrade will ruin my ability to maintain the utility programs (based on .Net Framework 2.x) currently running on my Vista and XP Media machines. I may have to "upgrade" the .Net Framework to 3.x on all machines, and thus introduce NEW problems.

    I don't want my stable machines to start acting up due to upgrades as they have before.


    One solution I've considered is to get another computer dedicated to Robotics so I can keep my other machines pristine and "in synch" personal-program-support-wise, but I'd rather not go through the expense if it's really not necessary.


    If I upgrade my development machine, I suppose I'll be forced to install .Net Framework 3.x on all my machines if I want to support my utility programs, is this a correct assumption?


    I'm looking for advice on how to best proceed.






    Friday, April 25, 2008 6:35 PM





    First of all installing .net 3.x does not mean that your compiled .net 2.x applications will stop working, in fact most of the .net core libraries did not change in version from 2.x . In terms of code, if you have VS 05 projects you can keep them as VS 05, or you can move them to VS 08 which can compile to .net 2.x just fine. If you need some of them for the RoboChamps, then you can migrate a copy and work on it in VS 08.


    The compatibility in .net 2.x to 3.x is pretty good, in our code base that has moved from .net 2.x in 1.5 to .net 3.x in 2.0 CTP we did not have to change much, if anything at all to have it work.



    Friday, April 25, 2008 8:50 PM