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  • Hi, I'm Alex and this is my first post on msdn Forum. I like 3d modelling and now I want to learn making windows, android apps. I've wrote code in c++ and c# but only using the console. Now I want to create a little app. I've made the UI:

    Since I'm not verified I'll try to explain. I've got a firstName, lastName(text box), age(domainUpDown), a checkBox with "is married" status. Then I have a add user button and a save list button. And on the right side a listbox with all the users.

    So this is the UI. And the idea behind this is that this app can read from a text file theese informations(firstName, lastName, age and the status) separated by a coma. The user can also add info here, and the information will be written in the same text file. But this is the thing, i don't know how to do this. I've labeled each component, but i don't know how to acces them(I mean to take each one and write a code like: firstName + lastName get the idea). Also, i don't know how to code the button. I'm a begginer so i know i'm asking probably a dumb question. I'm not asking for code, just for a guide. Thanks in advance programmers!

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  • A raw but good starter project that is not complete but more than enough to get you going for the text file project.!AtGAgKKpqdWjjWPYiEud6iu-6p9r?e=DqYmmt

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    NuGet BaseConnectionLibrary for database connections.

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