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    The .net framework is supposed to support multipule languages, yet NONE OF MY PROGRAMS EVER WORK ON SWEDISH COMPUTERS! (i've had over 20 swedish people confirm this)
    On top of that, german computers also sometimes have issues and a bunch of others.

    Thankfully, people are soo desperate to use my programs(most of the time), that they will switch their computer's over into English mode.

    This has been a problem for me for OVER A YEAR Now.


    Ps, you can blame it on that my programs are buggy, because EVEN a SIMPLE HELLO WORLD PROGRAM is NOT WORKING.

    It doesn't matter if its the .Net Framework 2.0 or 4.0.

    i posted this up last year, and nothings been done about it :( 

    i'm using C# to do this, and my computer is in en-CA mode

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  • Hi HotNoob,

    Could you expand on what the issues that the people are getting, in what way is the application not working? do the applications open at all? is there an exception / error message? can they run any .NET application and is it just yours that don't ? (I don't mean anything bad by that) but if all .NET applications don't run maybe it's not installed correctly).

    What version of Windows are they using?  

    Is there any information at all that could lend itself to working out the reasons why?

    Does the application use a database?

    Need to find out everything about the computers the software isn't running on. It might appear that the culture is an issue but it might just appear that way; or it might be the culture after all.


    The thing is if the .NET framework didn't work for a country the Internet would be full of blog posts and tweets and so on about it.

    I've never heard about it before so can't help very much without more information.


    I have developed applications that run under many different cultures, India, South America, South Korea, UK, Europe and never has the culture caused a problem; except once! and it was the code page that a database used.


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  • Hi,

    could you give more details? Your post 3 months ago had an answer. Didn't that help? Can you please provide more information?

    Regarding the post you did 3 Months ago: It is a FormatException you get? Can you give us please more details, where you get the exception?

    In general, you migth want to read about Globalisation:

    Also you might find the documentation of FormatException interesting:
    (Even if it does not contain that much valuable information)

    Please give us more details. Without any more details, nobody can help you! And as Derek wrote already: Using Globalisation, it is easily possible to write software that runs on all different systems without problem.

    Maybe also usefull for you: Starting with Visual Studio Premium Edition, you have Code Analysis which also makes sure that you take more care about localisation. (So you get CA warnings when you do not specify the culture to use!)

    With kind regards,


    Thursday, January 5, 2012 10:55 AM