Azure function time out (doesn't exit after the script finished executing) RRS feed

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    1. using  App Service Plan
    2.  If App Service Plan, do you have Always On enabled? yes
    3. v2 (Preview) runtime?
    4. Are you setting WEBSITE_TIME_ZONE? No
    5. cron to set to runs every 15 minutes Monday to Friday
    6. CRON: 0 */15 * * * 1-5
    7. And most importantly, include a sample invocation ID so we can find your app and look into the issue. invocation id - 7dd28211-5e73-400a-9761-40bd91747d42

    The function runs as expected, but after the function execution is complete, it jus sits and wait until it's timeout period, is there any configuration we could set so that the process exits after the script finished

    We are using Python code, we are using sys.exit(0) to finish/exit the script.

    Wednesday, October 21, 2020 1:42 AM