Very slow "Go to definition"


  • I'm trying VS Code with Haskell and having issue: "Go to Definition" occurs very slow (for example 10 seconds). Also I have multifolders project (several stack based projects with references between them) and not all symbols are accessible with "Go to Definition" (only in current folder are fine). So, my question is: is this issue related to Haskell only? How can I speedup jump to symbol? I tried ctags related extensions but they does not work. I navigate the same project with Spacemacs very quickly, but VS Code is slow. What ctags/etags plugins/solutions do you use, guys? Also, what is the right way to work with multifolder projects? I created workspace, added my folders into workspace file, but symbols out of current folder are not available still. Seems that first folder is folders list has special mean, if I move it to 2nd position, then Haskero can't find importing modules even.


    It's my first post here, so super big thanks to guys from Microsoft for their new age products (new Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Windows 10 :)

    Friday, May 25, 2018 12:03 PM