How to buy Visual Studio .Net in India RRS feed

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    I am recent convert to .Net technology.I started .Net Study group at University of Kashmir,India though I am british citizen.But I thought it bit of challenge to work in this Himalyan region.

    I will appreciate if people around the Globe could help me to stay updated with the current events in Microsoft world.

    Now the university has approved to set up a Software development centre with 6 developers initially.I was wondering what all software I should buy.Since we are concentrating on Microsoft technology i.e. Probably using Visual Studio .Net and SQL Server and probably need testing tools.The ones I know of are Mercuray Onces.I appreciate if someone could suggest better testing tools than LoadRunner and Winrunner.

    Also I would appreciate if someone could suggest should we use CVS or Micrsofot Team.

    Also is there aare any special software for configuration Management and Design.What comes in My mind at this moment is Rational Software.


    I will aprreciate if Someone with Project Managment exprience could write in detail what Software and probably hardware servers  I should be buying and how much it is going to cost me in India to buy and how to buy? i.e. should I go for MSDN Subscription.




    Saturday, December 15, 2007 9:02 AM