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    we are trying to implement forms based authentication in our site(MOSS 2007) and we are trying to fetch users from ADS of our organisation

    We have used LDAP string which is working fine but the problem begins now.......

    Our organisation's ADS structure includes directories -> sub-directories.
    If we are giving that particular sub-directories in LDAP string, it works fine.
    But when we give the entire organisation directory in LDAP string, then we are unable to fetch users from that sub-directory.

    for example my scenario is

     My Directory Hierarchy is

      1. Dir1
            1.1 Dir2
                          1.2 Dir3
                              1.2.1 Dir31 [USER1,USER2,...]
                          1.3 Dir4
                          1.4 Dir5

    as per this sequence my LDAP connection string is "LDAP://Dir31.Dir3.Dir1.myDomain.com/DC=Dir31,DC=Dir3,DC=Dir1,DC=myDomain,DC=com";
    this connection string does not search users from rest of directory(like Dir2, Dir4, Dir5)

    if i write connection string like "LDAP://Dir1.myDomain.com/DC=Dir1,DC=myDomain,DC=com" then it will not search from (Dir2,Dir3,Dir4,Dir5)

    so, In my Case what to do ?

    Please help me to solve the problem           


    Thursday, March 20, 2008 5:35 AM

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    Sounds like you have an architectural problem there. How come you need that many sub-sites?

    As far as I know, each DC only contain its own part of the tree. So dir1 only exists on the server for dir1 (and not on the root server), dir2 only exists on the server for dir2 and so on...

    So to search the entire domain (recursively), I guess you will have to enumerate all sub-sites and query each in turn.

    Wednesday, March 26, 2008 6:44 PM
  • User-968139384 posted
    Anyone that can give example of some code on this strategy?
    Thursday, February 12, 2009 6:42 AM