TCP/UDP buffers: what size and how many?


  • Hi guys,

    could someone please help me with exact figures:

    As I understand - between an application and a physical network - there are several buffers.

    Application buffer, .NET socket buffer (e.g. socket.SendBufferSize), OS TCP/UDP stack buffers, NIC buffers.

    Q1: what relation is between a .NET socket and an OS buffers. Are they the same (effectively - if I call SendBufferSize in my code - will it change size of a respective OS buffer)

    if Q1 == no
        Q2: can I change OS buffer size by other means? How to query size of OS buffers?

    As I understand OS stacks have multiply buffers.
    Q3: How many buffers WinXP and W2003 have? Effectively - how many simultaneous UDP socket can call Send with guarantee to dont drop a packet before they get pushed into network. Precisely that.


    Thank you!

    Wednesday, February 08, 2006 2:49 PM


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