Excel - Slow movement in blank worksheet


  • I had a worksheet with 300 rows of data, and 8 columns.  Moving from cell to cell took 5 secons or longer.  I copied the values pasting special to a blank workbook.  Same thing happened.

    On the new workook, with only the one tab of data, I deleted all rows, and all columns, leaving what should be a blank worksheet/tab.   Same problem, the curor movement was slow.   I type a number and hit enter and it takes 5 seconds.  The other two tabs are blank also, but I can move the cursor around and entering data on those sheets flys with great speed.  I never copied data at all to those two tabs.   However, on the first tab where I originally had data, I get hung up even moving one cell with the cursor key.   There must be something hidden.  I saved the worksheet and the size is 649KB.   I called up a new blank workbook saved it, and is only 8K in size.  There has to be something hidden behind the scenes.  I have no hidden rows or columns, and I deleted all the rows and columns and have the same problem.  Someone please help.    I need to use my 300 rows of data and can't filter or move around without gettin hung up. 

    Tuesday, July 07, 2009 10:08 PM