Administration of Area Security not possible with Team Explorer 2010


  • Administration of security of an area does not work anymore with Team Explorer 2010. It is not possible to add an existing TFS group to an area and edit its security configuration (all checkboxes are greyed out). The added new TFS group will not be saved - when I add the new group, close and reopen the Area and Iterations dialog, the added group is lost. Also all existing groups in the area security configuration cannot be changed, because all checkboxes are greyed out.

    Editing the same with Team Explorer *2008* still works.

    Steps to reproduce the problem with TE 2010:
    - Add the current account to the TFS group "Project Administrators"
    - Create new TFS group and add a user
    - Open "Team Project Settings" | "Areas and Iterations" | "Area" | "Security" (of an selected Area)
    - Add the new TFS group and close all dialogs -> reopen -> added group is gone
    - Check the security permission settings of all existing groups of the selected Area -> all greyed out

    All works with Team Explorer 2008.

    Is this a known issue and - much better - a hotfix is already existing?

    Visual Studio 2010 Premium
    Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Team Dev
    TFS 2008 SP1


    Tuesday, June 15, 2010 9:47 AM