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  • Hello microsoft, my name is Anthony and i have been using account for 13 years straight... and i have recently been locked out of my account with no way to retrive it, im so f*cking mad right now i dont know if i can contain my self... i have been a avid microsoft supporter all my teen and into my adult life.. no yahoo no google no sony no nentindo JUST MICROSOFT!! now i know your asking.. well why dont i just use the recover feature? well ill tell you the answere to that one, when i made my account ( i was 13 and paranoid of the internet THERE FOR! making up a bunch of fake info, never could i have guessed that microsoft would have taken me this far.... NOW! i can tell you every email and what every picture in my email account is about or looks like and i have things in there i have been keeping for over ten years and i want them back, if you cant give me my whole email account back then i understand, i WOULD be willing to answere personal questions about the contents of my email account via phone, skype or email.... and in return i would REALLY like access to my account OR just the emails conatining the photos.. some of which i can never get back again... now im very sorry i have to be so blunt because i am usually a very reserved man but i DO NOT like my personal info being held from me.. now i do appreciate the fact that your trying to protect my personal information from the "bad guys" or what not, but i have never needed protection from them, just stupid accidents like this... i have created a new account for the purpose  of regaining access to my account, it is ( and will be expecting to here from SOMEONE!! IMMEDIATELY!! thank you for your support and if this matter is resolved you can count on mine in return.. if it is not... then i guess ill look into what sony is doing these days....

                                                                                     Anthony .

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  •  well, did you get your email back?

     I have been an nsn, hotmail supporter since 1994

    and the same shitt happen to me?

    lmk, who to contact or how to recover your original email

    Wednesday, November 23, 2016 7:22 AM