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Swipe Gesture for Settings Page with LLS RRS feed

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    I have my main page which is a grid with a LongListSelector, and to the left I have my settings which I swipe over to access like  in the example above. The problem is that I cannot get Horizontal Swipes in the LLS because it only handles verticle swipes I am guessing.

    I can swipe over if I start from the very left edge of the screen because the margin seperates the LLS from the edge a bit. But if I start the gesture from the middle of the screen and drag to the right it will not recognize it has a horizontal swipe.

    I have added a Drag Delta event for both the main grid (which works if there is no LLS) and also added the drag delta event in the example above to the LLS but will only recognize vertical it seems.

    I know it is possible to fix this, I've seen it done in 6snap, facebook, and 6tindr where you are able to swipe left and right when starting the swipe inside a LLS.

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