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  • We have a share (not mapped drive) that a program calls to launch a file. We want the share to prompt for credentials everytime the user connects because they could possibly be logged in as a generic user who doesn't have access. Is this possible with an SMB share? Hopefully the fix is server side within the SMB settings.
    Monday, August 18, 2014 3:47 PM


  • Hello Tall_Ben.

    The purpose of this forum is to support the Open Specifications documentation. You can read about the Microsoft Open Specifications program at  The library of Open Specification documents is located at

    Are you implementing or working directly with either the [MS-CIFS], [MS-SMB] or [MS-SMB2] protocols on-the-wire directly?  Or, is your program interfacing with the remote file system via API calls?

    As an aside, we don’t believe there is a server-side setting to cause the “share to prompt for credentials every time the user connects”.  Providing one sounds inherently risky.  The protocol implementer hosting the share (Microsoft in the case of Windows Server, but there are many other providers) would have to trigger this behavior across-the-board for every access; not just access by your application, which would be unknown to it.  Also, there is not a provision in the protocol to indicate that credentials should be requested via prompt.  Credentials are provided and either authenticated or denied.  Many applications either prompt for credentials before the request is made, or prompts for alternate credentials if access is denied.  But, that would be an application-by-application decision.

    It does not appear that you are working with the protocol directly, so this would not be an appropriate forum for this issue and we will consider this thread resolved.  However, if you believe that to not be the case, please provide us further details.  If you are developing an application for Windows, we would recommend posting this inquiry at the forum

    Sreekanth Nadendla
    Microsoft Windows Open Specifications

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