Need help understanding scaling of color gradient in heatmap RRS feed

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  • I am using a heatmap with the following:

    color: [
      0.01, 'rgb(255,0,0)',
      0.50, 'rgb(255,255,0)',
      1.00, 'rgb(0,255,0)'

    However, I can't find any information on how this scales.

    What does "1.00" mean? the maximum value? What does "0.50" mean? the average value? I plotted 1000 regular points. I weighted one point at 50000, and it was green. However, if there were other areas with 4-5 regular points overlapping, they also get displayed as green as well. Since 500000 is much much higher than 5, I would have expected that 5 wouldn't get treated anywhere near the maximum. I also tried with interpolate instead of step, but it has the same result.

    Instead of "1.00", is there a way of setting a value as the gradient threshold? Such as areas with weight (or overlapping) 1-5 are red, 6-10 are yellow, and 11+ are green?

    Also, side note, why does the radius increase when I increase the weight of a point? A point with weight 3 is significantly larger than one with weight 1. I am using consistent zooming, so it isn't the zoom.


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