how to access each microphone array of multiple Kinects connecting to the computer RRS feed

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  • Can anyone explain me the process of accessing each microphone array of the Kinect, when I am connecting 3 Kinects to the same desktop?

    I am trying to run 3 parallel applications in C++ on the same computer, I've successfully access the video streams from 3Kinect, by selecting different Kinect index:

    hr_init_0 = NuiCreateSensorByIndex(1, &m_pNuiSensor);

    But when I try to integrate the MFAudioFilter into my application, I don't know how to select each microphone array for the corresponding Kinect.  Is there a similar function as NuiCreateSensorByIndex for the Kinect Audio SDK? Or, how can I manually define which microphone array I could use (to match the microphone array to the same Kinect video stream). 

    The description of the current bug is:

    When I used NuiCreateSensorByIndex (0, &m_pNuiSensnor), I could get the right audio reading from the same Kinect at Index 0.

    When I used NuiCreateSensorByIndex(1, &m_pNuiSensor), I could get the video stream of Kinect at index 1, but I met mistakes when I try to get audio reading; The code stops at :

      hr = pDMO->SetOutputType(0, &mt, 0);

    under the function of 

    HRESULT DShowRecord(IMediaObject* pDMO, IPropertyStore* pPS,
                        const TCHAR* outFile, int  iDuration)
    and in the terminal, it says "Unhandled Exception: System.AccessViolationException:..."

    Thank you very much ahead!

    Lining YAO

    Tuesday, April 10, 2012 3:43 PM

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  • You dont have to write a directshow filter for kinect device for audio because I can use kinect audio right after i install kinect sdk. But for video try scotts video filter here and improve on it because he had it working in beta 2 but I cant seem to pinponit what hes doing wrong but if you can refine it he has source code listed on that thread for kinect sdk v1:

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