How to see EF SaveChanges() generate what sql RRS feed

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  • i am interested to see what sql is generated by

    EF SaveChanges()

    . so i search google and found one easy trick to do it.

    i create class

    public class MyLogger { public static void Log(string component, string message) { Console.WriteLine("Component: {0} Message: {1} ", component, message); } }

    also hook log function this way

        using (var db = new TestDBContext())
            db.Database.Log = s => MyLogger.Log("EFApp", s);
    var existingCustomer = db.Customer
    .Include(a => a.Addresses.Select(x => x.Contacts))
    .FirstOrDefault(p => p.CustomerID == 5);
            existingCustomer.FirstName = "Test Customer123";

    and saw the partial insert sql statement generated as below

    INSERT [dbo].[Addresses]([Address1], [Address2], [IsDefault], [SerialNo], [CustomerID])
    VALUES (@0, @1, @2, @3, @4)
    SELECT [AddressID]
    FROM [dbo].[Addresses]
    WHERE @@ROWCOUNT > 0 AND [AddressID] = scope_identity()

    why i said partial because there was no value. so please tell me how could see insert or update statement generated by


    function with proper values.


    Friday, November 4, 2016 12:44 PM