Verifying a File Item from a List is Available as a DotNETComboBox Selection Item RRS feed

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  • In TestPartner, I'm trying to loop through a list of system files and set a boolean variable to True if one of the system files is in the combobox list (if more than one, then the first one will be selected).

    The code looks like this:

        Do While intJ <= UBound(System_Files, 2) And System_Found = False

             Selected_SysFile = System_Files(intI, intJ)

             Selected_System = Mid(Selected_SysFile, InStrRev(Selected_SysFile, "\") + 1)

             Selected_System = Left(Selected_System, InStr(1, Selected_System, ".") - 1)

             System_Found = DotNETComboBox(SystemType).Select(Selected_System)


    However, I get a type mismatch run-time error.  Why is that?  Please advise as to what I need to change to avoid this error.  Thanks.

    John J. Bottiger (QA Engineer, Gladiator Innovations LLC)

    Tuesday, October 9, 2012 10:40 PM