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  • I am creating a template that will be used by a number of authors on both Mac and PC. It contains style information as well as macros and custom UI information. Documents created with it must be shareable. What I've found is that Word 2010 handles this in the expected manner. If my template is called "AwesomeTemplate.dotm" and is located in my personal Templates folder, when I share it with someone else using Word 2011 who has the template in their Templates folder Word disregards the local file path material and finds the matching template. This allows the events to be caught and the UI to be usable.

    However, Word 2011 doesn't seem to do this. When I open a file that has been shared with me and go to Tools > Templates and Add-Ins, the document template listed has that user's specific file path. If I reattach my template, save the document, and then reopen it, my events trigger, UI appears, all is well.

    My question is, is there a way to ensure that template information is saved in such a way that Word 2011 can discern it? I'd rather users didn't have to go through those steps; they are supposed to be as hands off as possible in terms of getting the template working in their documents.

    A little additional information: 

    - I've tried this with my User templates folder set to both User Templates and My Templates. No difference.

    - This is one-user-at-a-time only sharing. No networking or multiple users.

    - When I check the AttachedTemplate value of a shared doc, it is "AwesomeTemplate.dotm" on the PC (no path) and "Normal.dotm" on the Mac (presumably because it can't attach the correct template).

    - It doesn't seem to matter if the document was authored in Word 2010 or Word 2011. Both work as expected on the PC, fail on the Mac.

    - I know I could probably write something and stick it in the Normal template, but it's extremely unlikely I'll have access to their Normal templates.

    Wednesday, November 6, 2013 12:07 AM

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