Yet another visualization tool... Geoquery RRS feed

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  • There are already one or two options for visualizing geospatial queries... introducing the newest addition: Geoquery 2008!


    You can DOWNLOAD the .NET 3.5 executable from here



    It works kinda like (ye olde) Query Analyzer - type your query in the top pane, and underneath a grid and a 'canvas' show the results. To make it a bit more useful (for learning, at least), I've included a menu with all the GEOMETRY-related functions and links to the MSDN doco. It only works with GEOMETRY data so far (GEOGRAPHY may come...).


    There's at least one other tool already posted on the forum -


    - enjoy them all!


    p.s. also my first WPF app, so if you're wondering "why bother with a Redo button" (for example), it's just part of getting to know my way around XAML, Commands and WPF generally.

    Friday, January 4, 2008 4:30 AM