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  • I have a log file.......each time i write couple of entries into the log file........ and each of these entries has a number.

    the file may look like:

    • logentry 2000: xxxx
    • logentry 2001: yyyy
    • logentry 2002: zzzz

     Next time when i want to write text into the file i need to know the entry number 2003... Is there anyway i can store the number as property for the file? that i dont have to read the file each time i want to make an entry.

    Dont ask me to read the file and get the value....These files are quite big and take lot of memory to open...

    I tried to use DSOFile.OleDocumentProperties library ...I think i am able to set it as custom property but unable to retrieve it...Fileinfo does not work...

    I hate to create another config file just to store a number..

    Any ideas are appreciated ..

    Is there any other format i can store the file in so that i can set the properties???

    Thanks in Advance..

    Saturday, July 14, 2012 4:23 AM


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