How do I get from IVsSimpleBrowseComponentSet a IVsSimpleObjectList2 RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I created a IVsSimpleBrowseComponentSet for the current scope of my language to provide intellisense.

    I created the component set and added the components for the scope, successfully.

    But why GetList2 from the IVsSimpleBrowseComponentSet returns a IVsObjectList2, that is hard to access from managed code. How can I form request to the component set and get a IVsSimpleObjectList2 like on the IVsSimpleObjectLibrary2?

    Saturday, November 29, 2014 11:06 AM

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  • Hi tw_mei,

    Have you tried convert IVsObjectList2 to IVsSimpleObjectList2 explicitly? As the document indicated, IVsSimpleObjectList2 is just a simplified version of IVsObjectList2:


    private string GetListDetails(IVsObjectList2 list)
                IVsSimpleObjectList2 simpleList = list as IVsSimpleObjectList2;

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    Monday, December 1, 2014 9:43 AM
  • Hi,

    yes, I did:

    private IVsSimpleBrowseComponentSet libraryScope = null; ... // get the object manager IVsObjectManager2 mgr = LanguageService.GetService(typeof(SVsObjectManager)) as IVsObjectManager2; ... // create component set ErrorHandler.ThrowOnFailure(mgr.CreateSimpleBrowseComponentSet((uint)_BROWSE_COMPONENT_SET_TYPE.BCST_EXCLUDE_LIBRARIES, null, 0, out libraryScope)); ... // adding components VSCOMPONENTSELECTORDATA[] a = new VSCOMPONENTSELECTORDATA[1]; ErrorHandler.ThrowOnFailure(libraryScope.AddComponent(ref guid, new[] { new VSCOMPONENTSELECTORDATA() { dwSize = dwStructSize, bstrFile = sBasePath + "mscorlib.dll", bstrTitle = "mscorlib", type = VSCOMPONENTTYPE.VSCOMPONENTTYPE_ComPlus } }, out nav, a)); ... // getting all types IVsObjectList2 _list; ErrorHandler.ThrowOnFailure(libraryScope.GetList2((uint)_LIB_LISTTYPE.LLT_CLASSES, (uint)_LIB_FLAGS.LF_GLOBAL, new[] { new VSOBSEARCHCRITERIA2() { eSrchType = VSOBSEARCHTYPE.SO_ENTIREWORD, szName = String.Empty } }, null, out _list));

    IVsSimpleObjectList2 simpleList = _list as IVsSimpleObjectList2; // results to null

    I also tried Marshal.QueryInterface, but it seams not implemented. And the Interop of IVsObjectList2 is not useable in a managed language .

    Do someone know a good example, of consuming the object library. Because I do not want to reimplement the weel for my ComplationSet.


    IVsSimple* is for the managed access and implementations, but the documentation is very unprecise on this part of the Visual Studio.

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