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  • Hi all,

    Newbie here to web design in general but not to other I.T. related things. So, sorry for dumb questions but I have been through a lot of web pages and still dont have an answer.

    I have the whole Expression Studio (version 1) which obviously includes Blend. I have been attempting to have floating tooltips where a user will mouse over and the tooltip appears saying whatever random info that is wanted per item (eg, tooltip changes sizes). All items that the user would mouse over would be TEXT ONLY no graphics at all in those particular spots. So what I was trying to do was include all that in the web page and so far have been directed to http://www.dyn-web.com/code/tooltips/ which is really great but I honestly dont understand Javascript at all well so far. It is like trying to read French for me. I can get the general idea but I am not fluent.

    Along with the whole Visual Studio, I was lucky enough to find a book on Amazon for the whole of Studio. I havent had a chance to read it all as yet because I need to get this project done first. The book seems to indicate that Tooltips can be made from within Expression Blend and shows me pictures of "Asset Library" loaded showing all sorts of buttons and such - things like SimpleButton and SimpleCheckBox and so on and on.  Not only do I not understand Blend at all well at the moment, I dont know how to get that Asset Library up so that shows you how little I have opened it let alone used it.

    Is Blend capable of making floating ToolTips for inclusion in a web page and make them via the design view rather than codebehind or code (or similar name, whatever) view please?

    If so, would someone be kind enough to explain how please? Yes, lost. Definitely lost.

    Why do I want something that complicated when I know so LITTLE about web design? You have to keep learning or go do something else and I have a customer who demanded I do it. Simple as that. I have no idea what to charge them either. I could make a simple HTML web site but this is entirely different for me! Thanks for any help.
    Monday, June 23, 2008 12:02 AM