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  • Hi.

     There is already a lengthy (or getting lengthy) thread in the game technology section of the msdn forums in regards to the problem I'm about to bring up, but,  it was suggested (by a forum MVP) that I post something in the vista compatibility section to get feed back and support from the vista compatibility folks.

     I am an independent game developer. I sell commercial 3D games. Specifically if you care to have a look.

     Currently I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Unlike XP, vista no longer ships with a dll called DX8VB.DLL. XPSP2 shipped with it, the DX8 and 9 redistributable packages (supplied by microsoft) also included it. The EULA of the redistributables states (somewhere in there) that you can't include any of the dll's separately. You have to use that redistribution package to install the files.

     Unfortunately, you can no longer install these on a vista system. There is literally no way to get that required dll on the system.

     Migrating the game away from VB6 to a .Net language, and then to DX9 is simply not an option at the moment. I simply do not have the time or resources to take that much of a financial hit to rewrite huge portions of code. It would literally take months to update the existing code base to work on vista.

     So, I must find a way to get the existing game to work on Vista. And as was stated previously, as the vista compatibility team prides itself on all existing software 'just working' on vista, it was suggested I post here for some sort of help.

     VB6 is fully supported on Vista as per the official word from Microsoft: 

     As the one and only way to achieve DirectX functionality in a VB6 application is via DX8VB.DLL, then that needs to be supported on the OS.

     If you read the thread here: you will find that I'm far from alone in this problem.

     The DirectX group at microsoft seems to have washed their hands of the problem. However the problems effects a considerable multitude of developers. And as this is a problem specific to Vista, it becomes a vista compatibility issue.


    Monday, February 26, 2007 9:50 PM


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  • I appreciate your issues with directx. My suggestion is to contact MS directly about your problems. If you are a partner than you can have a case created and it will likely get assigned over to the directX team to triage. 

    If you feel you want to take this further you could always contact MS directly.

    Here's a list of supported and tested DLL's


    Tuesday, February 27, 2007 7:35 PM
  • Hi.

     Yes, I've seen that URL, I've actually posted it a number of times.

     The issue is that the DLL in question is not listed on either the support or not supported list. It seems to be a DLL in limbo.

     No I'm not a Microsoft partner. Contacting microsoft to have this resolved (maybe, if they even care to look into it) is going to cost upwards of $400 CAD just for a phone call. I think that's a bit much considering I don't charge a penny to support my customers.

     This seems to be a hot potato. The directx group won't touch it because it's only a problem for vista. The vista team doesn't want to deal with it because it's directx. The visual basic team won't touch it because it's a directx dll that is missing.

     Unforunately, I have a great many CD's already pressed and versions of the game out in the world that require that file to be on the system.

     The vista team make a lot of claims about backwards compatiblity. Here's a case where they broke it. I would expect that they're the ones to take action.


    Tuesday, February 27, 2007 8:46 PM