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    I am wondering what configuration settings(s) are incorrect in my setup for a visual studio.net 2010 professional version for a web form application. I am assuming my problems are probably related to my setup of the visul studio.net 2010 ide.

    1. My goal is to recover some lost C# .net source code files by looking at the setup and deployment project.

    Right now when I use decompiler software, I obtain only the *.cs files that are generated by the .net framework. I do not have any *.cs files that were written by people.

    One of my options I have setup in my visual studio.net 2010 professional version is to debug code generated by the .net framework and code written by people. Would I need to change my debug options to 'just my code'?

    2. I am wondering if I am looking for the wrong type of files and/or possibly looking in the wrong place for the files?

    I am looking at the dll files in the bin directoy fo where the C# 2010 web form application has been deployed to.

    Let me know if you have any answer(s) to my question(s).


    Thursday, July 5, 2012 9:58 PM


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    Cindy, when an application is deployed like that, the code you are looking for is locked inside a dll in the bin folder. I know there are de-compilers on the market but there is no guarantee it will work 100%. Particularly if the previous developer obfuscated the code, that will change the appearance of things when you try decompiling. You are certainly welcome to try using a de-compiler for this but realize it might have some limitations. Obviously, the best option is obtain the real original source code; that would be best. If that is not possible, then you're going to have little choice other than using the de-compiler and hope for the best.

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