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  • I have 20 separate email accounts (all different domains) all setup in outlook 2007.  I have rules setup to move the emails to folders so it all does not go into one unreadable inbox.  I am looking for a way to sync my cell with outlook email (and folders), calendar and contacts using a wireless push method.  So when an email comes in there is a reasonable 2min like turnaround to the phone.  I am not looking for a polling method as there is no reason to poll if there is no email or calendar change.  I have been using Verizon as a carrier for years and like them for their coverage.  I have also been using their "wireless sync" tool which is a VERY OLD copy of Intellisync's Mobile Suite.  It has a desktop app that monitors your PST files and then syncs that up to a server which in turn has a web front end as well as what the phone uses to sync.  I do currently have a windows mobile phone running Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro. 
    My issues is that the PC Monitor from Verizon (Intellisync) is NOT compatible with Outlook 2007 and continuously corrupts my PST file.

    I am willing to change phones but not carriers.  I want to know if I could use Active Sync to solve my issue?
    I could install Exchange 2007 maybe? then active sync? 

    This CAN"T be a unique problem... I am shocked that this is not solved in SOME way SOMEWHERE..
    When I call Verizon I don't get ANY help... just someone reading from a knowledge base that has no idea what I am talking about.


    I had NO idea where to post this.. if ANYONE knows of a better place please let me know... I am tempted to write my own app...

    Friday, January 22, 2010 4:12 PM