WES7 SP1 RTM - Install Windows via SD Boot with Multiple Partitions fails RRS feed

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  • Included the new SD Boot Embedded Enabling Feature with BootDriverFlags=6 and HibernateEnabled=0.

    Able to boot on target and get past 1) Collecting information and 2) beginning of Install Windows before getting
    this error pop-up box:

    Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install Windows, restart the installation.

    Well, no matter how many times I restart the installation, the same message comes up. 

    The panther setuperr.log says,

    2011-03-17 15:36:48, Error                        PnPIBS: Error 0xE0000100 occurred while determining the class of INF G:\\AutoUnattend_Files\windowsPE\Out-of-Box Drivers\Graphics\autorun.inf.
    2011-03-17 15:39:49, Error      [0x0604c9] IBS    PrepareSystemVolume:Failed to prepare boot disk and system volume
    2011-03-17 15:39:49, Error      [0x060221] IBS    Callback_PrepareSystemVolume: Unable to prepare and resolve system volume
    2011-03-17 15:39:49, Error      [0x060224] IBS    Callback_PrepareSystemVolume:Boot preparation for next phase failed; GLE = 0x0.

    The only reference I could find for Error 0xE0000100 is
    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/939727/en-us for Vista.  So I did a diskpart, clean, create par primary of the whole target hard drive and tried it again.  Nada - still same failure.

    The error message is confusing.  Is the error actually referring to my target hard drive or SD boot drive?

    The thing is, this exact SD memory card with this IBW boot on it, when plugged into a SD-to-USB adapter, works just fine when booted from USB.  So it has something to do with the new SD Boot feature.

    Joe Leong
    Friday, March 18, 2011 12:45 AM