How to open an evo-file (HD-DVD) with Media Foundation ? RRS feed

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  • Then let another question? How to open an evo-file (HD-DVD) with Media Foundation ? If evo-file to rename the mkv-file, it opens Media Foundation using Haali Media Splitter. This can be done with the help of the properties and attributes without changing the Windows registry or using CreateHardLink ?
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  • MF does not have an evo file parser by default, nor does it have a Matroska (mkv) parser by default.  The only way to get support for either of these formats is installing third party sources.  I am not terribly familiar with the Haali Media Splitter but I believe it is a Direct Show component.  In that case, it does not really help for MF playback and someone would need to write an MF source to get this format to play back through MF.

    If the Haali Media Splitter does have MF support, then passing the MF_RESOLUTION_CONTENT_DOES_NOT_HAVE_TO_MATCH_EXTENSION_OR_MIME_TYPE flag to IMFSourceResolver::CreateObjectFromURL would do an exhaustive search for handlers for .evo files.  The better solution is to register the right byte stream handler for .evo files as outlined on: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa371872(VS.85).aspx
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