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  • Just wanted to say hi to everyone on this forum. I decided to give small basic a look after learning a decent amount of python, some C++, and dabbling in Visual Basic. I still am more proficient in python, but with two days, I have quickly become close to the same level with small basic.

    My question is, where can I find a reference doc listing (pretty much) every small basic command, and hopefully with an example of it's use?

    I like small basic because, for some reason, I like building console based apps. I honestly am learning small basic to hopefully give me a bit of a heads up with visual basic 2010.  I am the type that really only learns from reading source code, modifying it, and observing the results, which is not too easy for me in visual basic 2010... maybe my google powers are being drained...


    Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself, hopefully soon I will be uploading some source code I wrote in small basic, but I am waiting until I write something either new or useful!


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  • There are some API (command references) that basically reproduce the SmallBasic Intellisense in a printable version - here's one .

    There is no other major souce of documentaion that I know of.  The best resource is this Forum, asking questions and having a go (there aren't that many commands in SmallBasic, so its more about programming than finding the right command/syntax).  There is also the accompanying Blog and Wiki .  The example files uploaded to the sticky threads on this forum are a good reference to what is being done.

    There are some users (using SmallBasic to teach or otherwise just helping) generating some further documentation, but this is in early stages and can be found in this forum or from the Wiki, for example or .

    Anyway, welcome and we look forward to your code.


    Wednesday, May 26, 2010 7:36 PM