IE7 Issues with WPF/E but only local RRS feed

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  • This is a strange one...

    I've been working on WPF/E for a bit at home, and no problems running or building anything... well... no technical issues anyway :)

    Last night I downloaded Michael Schwarz' Animated Gear code, and it would NOT run on my workstation... XP SP2, IE7... it DOES, however, run from the site on the same IE7 box.

    I tried all of my code locally, including the one I was just working on the nght before to see if something happened, and everything was fine EXCEPT that code.

    I pretty much shotgunned his html and replaced everything from current code in another .html file and it still didn't work. I replaced the top two lines of the xaml with code from mine even though they appeared to be the same and it didn't work.

    It runs locally in Firefox, but IE7 gives an error saying it doesn't know what agHost is... and remember... I copied all that part of the code from an existing (running) app.

    Even better, I extended Michael's animation, and it won't run locally either, but it will from the web.

    There's only a couple things going on in that animation that's not going on in anything else I've been running locally and those are:

    1) Michael does an xmlns= line in the canvas xaml

    2) The whole stop/start javascript

    Any ideas about what's going on.. and don't get me started about IE7...???



    Thursday, January 25, 2007 3:57 PM


  • I had a very similar problem.   IE7 would not work locally, but would work remotely.   Firefox worked just fine.   The problem turned out to be an out date "agHost.js" file.  The error message "You must install "WPF/E"(codename) December 2006 CTP to view the page. Get "WPF/E!"" would appear on IE7, but not Firefox for local files.  When you follow the link in the error message it takes you to the February 2007 CTP.

    The link below gives more information on this issue and how to resolve it.






    Saturday, February 3, 2007 1:49 PM

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