PTS prbs when opening a ts file RRS feed

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  • I have made a MPEG-2 Demux Filter. I have encountered a prb when opening a ts file. When I render only the video, the Demux renders it well. Bt, when I render both the video and the audio, only the first image of the video is displayed and nothing else is happening. During this time, if I stop the graph , a message saying cannot pause completely within 10 secs is popping up. I have checked the PTS values of the audio and the video. Audio PTS (Directshow values) have few negative values and later positive values.  When I rendered only the audio,  I cant hear the audio. Bt, when I render only the video, its rendered smoothly.
    I have set the PTS as follows,
    calculated the staring PTS of the program and set it as the Reference PTS (whether video or audio PTS)
    Substracted this Ref PTS from the current PTS as I progress thru the file.

    When I have observed the PTS values of the other Demux, they have discarded the negative PTS values that come at the start.
    How should I set the PTS values for the audio.
    Thanx for ur help.

    Monday, June 8, 2009 11:29 AM

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  • After some observation, wt I found is...
    I am calling GetDeliveryBuffer()  to get Buffer for the sample on the Demux output pin. Tht function is not returning S_OK after allocating buffer for few samples. Can any1 plz help me, why is this happening and how can I get buffer for the samples.

    Wednesday, June 10, 2009 9:43 AM