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  • Hi to all.


    I have a problem which may seem fairly basic, but I am struggling to find the answer to.


    I have a report that I have created which retrieves data and populates the body of a report.  There is then a sub-report beneath this that pulls some more data into some set fields and also a table.  At the bottom of the page is a page footer, and this footer is also on the main report.  All very jolly and works fine.


    However, if the sub-report is too large for the gap that remains on the page, the report splits on to 2x pages - the first page that comes out is just the main report and footer (so no sub-report) and then the second page is just the sub-report.  This is a tad annoying as the report is an invoice-type and makes things look unprofessional.


    Is there any way that I can set something so that if the sub-report does not fill the gap it will print what it can in the space on page 1, then carry on to page 2, but page 2 will also contain the report and the footer of the main report?  I have done some reading with regards to page breaks in tables, but that would cause me more grief as it would put the break after each line from what I can make out.


    Any assistance would be greatly received.


    I hope this makes sense.


    Thanks in advance.




    Tim Watts

    Thursday, November 15, 2007 8:29 AM