Does Azure offer a way for my organization to view and add to data contained in an Azure SQL database? RRS feed

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  • My Scenario:  The company I work for makes large industrial machines and I have the desire to use data from these machines in machine learning studies to improve them.  To date, I have the necessary data flowing to Azure and being stored in a blob storage account. I've been able to use Azure storage explorer to access this data and I understand that I can bring this blob data directly into Azure Machine learning.  I'm doing this work as a member of the engineering team, so I'm not a seasoned IT person.

    My goal: I would like my co-workers to have the ability to interrogate the data for their purposes.   A good example of this type of query would be "show me all of the data where we drilled a 12mm hole in aluminum" 

    I'd also like my internal users to have the ability to append information to the database.  Often long after the data collection event, a technician might measure the 12mm hole and determine the surface roughness for example.  Integrating the specific QC measurement device to our Azure solution is not desirable but, manually updating the database is highly desirable.  

    My Question(s):  I believe that I will need a database for my purposes.  Which Database is appropriate?  I see options for SQL managed instance, SQL, SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Elastic DB Pool and so on.  I see database servers as an option as well.

    Is there a "Front end" in Azure that I can use for my in-house team to access/modify the database? I'd very much like to avoid "building" something and would prefer to do this whatever might be the preferred best practice.

    Wednesday, November 14, 2018 3:23 PM

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