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  • Hi,
    I am working on Change Password credential provider. 

    In case of CPUS_CHANGE_PASSWORD in GetSerialization, according to the documentation i should return CPGSR_NO_CREDENTIAL_FINISHED in pcpgsr and return S_OK. But if I do this, click on Submit button doesn't move to any other screen. It will remain in the same change password screen.

    But if I return CPGSR_RETURN_CREDENTIAL_FINISHED in pcpqsr with S_OK, after clicking on the submit button screen moves to the windows desktop. Please suggest me Is that Ok???

    Another issue is as with windows credential provider we see change password processing screen and a information message "Password is successfully change." after clicking on submit button. But in my case (with S_OK returns) it directly go to windows screen even though i had assigned message to ppwszOptionalStatusText and CPSI_SUCCESS in pcpsiOptionalStatusIcon???? Please suggest.

    Same with the LogonUi..... If I entered wrong password it prompts me the error screen, after clicking Ok on error screen, screen goes back to the Unlock screen (Alt+Ctrl+Del option screen) but with the windows credential provider it will come back to the user logon screen to ask the password again. I am returning this on error  for LogonUi.


    *pcpsiOptionalStatusIcon = CPSI_ERROR;

    return S_FALSE;

    Please provide me the solution for all three issues.


    Nitin Jain

    Monday, February 25, 2013 6:16 AM