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  • hi guys

    this is code

    If B_go = "Go" Then
    			        Select Case qtype
    			            Case "Average Management report of a User"
    			                REGSQL = "select FT.FILE_DEPARTMENT,u1.user_designation,U1.USER_NAME,(count(u1.user_designation)/30)*24 as avg_file_disposal_in_hours from filetrans FT,USERS U1 where U1.USER_NAME LIKE '%Secretary/Pr. Secretary/Addl. CS%' AND FT.OFFICE_CODE=U1.OFFICE_CODE AND FT.DESPATCH_DATE_TIME between sysdate-30 and sysdate and FT.RECEIPT_DATE_TIME between sysdate-30 and sysdate group by FT.FILE_DEPARTMENT, u1.user_designation, U1.USER_NAME"
    			        End Select
    			        RStoTable(REGSQL, qtype & ";filelist;filelist", "100%;400", 5, 50, -1, "", "")
    			    End If

    on go button data can be displayed or not.........?..kindly suggest.......

    see code suggest me.masters

    thanks and regard love4csharp

    Thursday, October 03, 2013 6:32 AM


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