PowerPoint Web add-in Presentation “Open” event or add-in launch event RRS feed

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  • We are working for a PowerPoint web add-in and we are new to Web add-in development. Initially, we got a PowerPoint Task panel tutorial from Microsoft documentation.  Based on this tutorial we created our web add-in and deployed it in our office 365 business account. After deployed the add-in we were able to see the add-in in our PowerPoint ribbon and able click the button that we added for Task Panel. On clicking the button, the Task panel loaded successfully.

    Then we tried to get the PowerPoint “open” and “Save” event from web add-in. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find such events for PowerPoint “open” or “Save”.  So we looked for an alternate solution, and we tried to load the Web add-in automatically when the user opens a presentation and use the “ready” event of add-in instead of PowerPoint “open” event.

    From our research, we found that we can automatically launch the web add-in when a user opens a presentation. For that, we have to embed some OPEN XML tags to each presentation. Then we tried to embed the required tags to presentation from PowerPoint add-in. Unfortunately, we couldn’t add such tags to presentation from PowerPoint add-in, since the file is already opened, we can’t access it from another thread. Also, another issue is as per the modified requirement we don’t need to show the task panel in the add-in. If so we can’t move with the Open XML embed approach.

    As per the new requirement, we need to show a button in the ribbon based on the logged-in user’s user name (PowerPoint user’s email id). So, we need to get the Presentation “Open” event or PowerPoint add-in launch event to retrieve the logged-in user's email.  We searched for a solution but couldn’t find a solution.

    Is there any events available in PowerPoint Web add-in for Open or Launch event? We are stuck with this issue. Any help would be appreciable. 

    Monday, June 8, 2020 1:52 PM