Service Orientation with Meta-Data Driven Architecure? RRS feed

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    I've been trying to explore the service oriented ideas for enterprise applications related architecture. I can easily relate to a number of benefits, however one thing I've been the most perplexed about is the use of meta-data with services and services oriented architecture in general. As a simple example, consider the querying of data which in the object oriented space I have it turned into a query definition based on the object meta-data (which btw, is strongly typed and configuration driven), and the result processed back into objects (or object) by the data layer. So all I have is a single function exposed on the manager classes for retrieving any and all data, using the magic of meta-data of course. Now, in a contract driven world of services, I am having problems modelling this behaviour (or even generally use meta-data) - and I don't want to expose any and all functions related to say retrieving customers data. The problem per se is not declaring a query function message based on a query definition contract, but having an external (independent) service pick up on the meta-data, without having to share some kind of global meta model! I don't know if there any patterns or techniques to help with this? 


    And considering that LINQ (Expression<Func<T>> anyone), DLINQ and ADO Entity Modelling tools are on the horizon using meta-data with services will be quintessential for extending developers productivity..



    Thursday, April 12, 2007 9:52 PM