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  • Please tell me I've misunderstood something: 

    The process of acquiring an application ID and so forth required for integrating LiveID as an authentication system for DotNetNuke (and, I assume, any other third-party platform) keeps pushing me to set up an Azure account, which includes forking up a credit card number and has lots of vague and ominous notations like "trial period expires after october 31, 2010, and you will be charged" and so on and so forth.  I'm just trying to make logging in to my little website easier for people, and frankly I'm not the least bit interested in handing over a credit card number to do it.  This is just a little backwater community site with a little forum that might, if I'm lucky, some day grow to a couple hundred users...and those users can just as easily log in with OpenID, Facebook, Twitter, or a bajillion other platforms that don't involve me forking up my CCN for an open-ended, "variable" cost contract.

    Please tell me I've read something wrong here.

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010 7:13 AM