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  • Hi All,

    It would be great if we get answers to these questions.

    1. What are the best practices to be followed for an application to be compatible in VISTA
    2. What is the procedure to obtaining inventory reports from different machine connected in network using ACT?
    3. If a previously developed application using GINA features, needs to be ported to Vista Platform and since vista doesn’t support GINA. So what’s the work around for fixing the same apart from recreating or redesigning the application?
    4. Has the ACT RTM version released?
    5. In order to apply application compatibility to a previous developed application. What would be the proper order of steps and tools to be used for complying the Application for Vista Platform?
    6. The known issue of Vista, MS Sqlserver 2000 is not supported in Vista Editions. But as per our observation the behavior is not clear as we were able to install the same in few machines but not in others. Does this same applies to .net framework 1.1
    7. Which is the debugger used for the commands available in the description when checking Application Verifier. We had tried a basic test for an exe; it seems that commands given in the help are not supported.
    8. Is the Logo or Application Compliance applicable for following applications written in?

          C Language







          Other Web Application

    Which are the other technologies does Logo or Application Compliance supports.

    Thursday, December 14, 2006 1:39 PM


  • Hello Ajaykr,

    Please see the answers / recomendations below:

    1. Ensure your application follows the guidelines that are expressed in the Application Compatibility Cookbook and also the Test Specifications
    2. You can deploy a Data Collection Package to your infrastructure by: File Copy, Login Script, Group Policy
    3. Please folow the GINA remedy posted in the App Compat Cookbook
    4. ACT 5.0 is still in RC and can be found here
    5. Please follow the Test Specifications
    6. .NET Framework 1.1 does install on Vista and it does work (Actually its a requirement for ACT 5.0)
    7. The debugger used is WinDBG, both x86 and x64 versions and can be found here
    8. The tests are language independant, the requirement is that it calls against a Microsoft framework



    Matthew Braun

    Thursday, December 14, 2006 4:05 PM