Grouping, associating and filtering Exchange Calendar Appointments and Meetings? RRS feed

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  • We need a solution that meets these two requirements.  I'm not sure if native Exchange 2007 offers it.  Are there any SharePoint or 3rd party applications that can do this? If not, how bad to build an interface from SharePoint to Exchange to do this?  Can somebody point us in the right direction?

    1. A user interface that enables you (the schedulers) to schedule events in Outlook that automatically schedules a preset number  related events (tasks) prior to the principal event.  An executive group will get an Outlook event invite to the principal event and  staff will get invites to all the related tasks.   Dates for related tasks will be generated automatically and factor in weekends and holidays. 

    2. A user interface that enables you (the schedulers) to see and filter by event in a way  that lists all related events(tasks), participants and accept/decline status.
    Interface for participants must be Exchange calendar.  Interface for schedulers can be a web form, ideally in sharePoint if not Exhcange itself.


    Followup: How can I check that our exchange web serivice is up and that my user has enough access to access calendars through the web service interace:

    I did this, but got a blank page.  Any simple test script in jscript ect?




    Many Thanks.

    Friday, August 5, 2011 5:51 PM