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    Microsoft has added new protocol documentation to the MSDN Library for the following products:


    • Microsoft Office 2007
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
    • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

    Microsoft has added new Windows protocols to the MSDN Library:


    • [MS-CSVP]: Failover Cluster: Setup and Validation Protocol (ClusPrep) Specification
    • [MS-DHCPM]: Microsoft Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server Management Protocol Specification
    • [MS-DNSP]: Domain Name Service (DNS) Server Management Protocol Specification
    • [MS-FSRM]: File Server Resource Manager Protocol Specification
    • [MS-H26XPF]: Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP/RTCP): H.261 and H.263 Video Streams Extensions
    • [MS-NETCEX]: .NET Context Exchange Protocol Specification
    • [MS-NETTR]: .NET Tracing Protocol Specification
    • [MS-OCSPA]: Microsoft OCSP Administration Protocol Specification
    • [MS-P2PPI]: Peer-to-Peer Presence and Invitation Protocol Specification
    • [MS-PNM]: People Near Me (PNM) Protocol Specification
    • [MS-RTPDT]: Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP/RTCP): DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones and Telephony Signals Data Extensions
    • [MS-RTPME]: Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP/RTCP): Microsoft Extensions
    • [MS-RTPRAD]: Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP/RTCP): Redundant Audio Data Extensions
    • [MS-TDS]: Tabular Data Stream Protocol Specification
    • [MS-TSRAP]: Telnet Server Remote Administration Protocol Specification
    • [MS-WSRM]: Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) Protocol Specification
    • [MS-WSRVCAT]: WS-AtomicTransaction (WS-AT) Version 1.0 Protocol Extensions
    • [MS-WSRVCRM]: WS-ReliableMessaging Protocol: Advanced Flow Control Extension
    • [MS-WSRVCRR]: WS-ReliableMessaging Protocol: Reliable Request-Reply Extension
    • [MS-WSSFO]: Windows SharePoint Services (WSS): File Operations Database Communications Protocol Specification
    • [MS-WSSO]: Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) Protocol Overview

    MC documents are now located under the Application Services and .NET Framework Protocols node.

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008 5:45 PM